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Being a Sponsor for the weekday mornings on the financial report, The John & Heidi show or the Market Beat Minute gets your business and product mention on our radio streaming, and podcast and featured website digital ads promoted to each visitor and social media platform visits reaches new viewers every day from BWGR Streaming Radio station

Our team’s focus is to take the passion of our vision and touch the lives of hurting, lost people beyond the four walls of the church, this is where Beyond Walls Gospel Radio (BWGR) comes in at. Is this of interest to you? Just think having an opportunity to reach one person at a time through the intimacy of Christian radio. It’s a true blessing for listeners to say that your ministry broadcast is a blessing to them” through Christian radio, and that the Gospel message of hope that is shared has changed their life? Perhaps someone would become a member of your church because you touched their heart with your message of the gospel. This is the hope of every ministry and we aim to make this possible when you support or become a partner with this station.


Sooth your soul.

Featured Spot Light Artist, with her new single and sound track for the movie Overcomer ” I AM. BWGR Radio

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